When creating a new destination on tripinasia, we gather information about the weather. We search for the monthly minimum and maximum average temperatures and average rain precipitations. You can see this information in the weather chart on the right side of each destination page. This helps you determine when is a good season to go or not.

weather myanmar

We also tag the destinations with the good months to travel so that you can easily filter the destinations using our search module (if you click on June, you will only see destinations that have a good weather in June. The destinations under the monsoon in June will be filtered out.

filter by month

By the way, we mainly look at the rain factor. To us, the temperature does not make a big difference (relatively to the monsoon season). If you live in Singapore, you’re probably used to hot weather. On top of this, for a lot of destinations the monthly maximum temperature only varies by 1 or 2 degrees in the year so it does not make a big difference. However, the precipitations do make a huge difference. You’ll know that if you’ve tried visiting a nice beach under the monsoon.

You can find weather information on many websites with data history from a few decades ago. It’s pretty amazing to see that information available to all in a relatively standard format for so many cities in the world. Although as in finance “past performance does not guarantee future results” it’s a pretty good indicator and will help pick the right month for your trip or the right trip for that month.

Anyway, back to Yangon. Finding (reliable) data on Yangon was quite a challenge. This helps remind us that Myanmar is still a special country that has been isolated for a while and is only starting to open up to the world, at least seen from the West.

Like many other developing or “new” economies, things will probably change very fast if the current momentum continues. Businesses are coming in to invest. Coca Cola has started producing Coke in Myanmar after 60 years without a drop of Coke in Myanmar ! (See the news on Coca Cola website). It seems anecdotal but it means a lot. It’s a sad and a good news at the same time and it’s, above all, another reason for you to rush there before it’s changed too much.