At the beginning

While looking for an old email I stumbled upon our initial “Launch” email. It was a short email sent to our friends in Singapore to officially announce the launch of Tripinasia. The email is dated 10th September 2012.

That was 3 years ago.

At the time, we had prepared about 15 destinations on the website (vs 53 today). I remember waiting for our flight at the Surabaya airport on our way back from Mount Bromo. I remember thinking: “this place is amazing, why haven’t I heard about it earlier?”. I was excited and taking notes of the things we had done, the contact details of our driver, the hotel we had stay at, etc… This is how we started creating Tripinasia: a website to share tips and recommendations for trips around Singapore.

Some of you may remember the first version with its blue logo. 

We show you the way

We’ve come a long way since then and it’s been a lot of fun. We’ve kept travelling since our first arrival in Singapore in 2011, on average once a month, mostly on long weekends.

Since then we also adapted the way we travel with first 1 and now 2 kids (the World, please meet Basile, the latest addition to the family, born in June 2015 who can’t wait for his next trip). On top of the backpacker destinations (that we continue to enjoy occasionally without the kids), we’ve started adding more kids-friendly destinations.

As we started to gain a better understanding of the travel options in the region, we created a few travel plans and guides to help people find their own. You can find them on our Travel Plans page. Today these are most popular pages.

So 3 years later, we just wanted to say “Thank you“. Whether you just discovered the website or have been using it for the last 3 years, thank you for your support. It’s been great seeing the number of visitors going up since we started. It’s great seeing your likes and shares on Facebook or your email address on our newsletter distribution list. The occasional comments and emails we receive are also a great form of recognition for the long hours spent behind the screen to put all that stuff online.

We cannot see who is using them but it’s great to see some of you use our affiliate links to book your flights and hotels with Agoda, Booking, Skyscanner or Villa-Bali to name a few (when using them, you pay the same price but we get a small commission that helps us pay for the various services we need to run tripinasia). So thank you for all that. 



Special thanks to the small gang of friends helping us behind the scene by encouraging us, providing feedback and inspiration for new developments and trips! You know who you are.

So what’s next? 

With 2 full time jobs and 2 kids, we are always short of time but continue to create new destinations and articles. Our draft folder is full of destinations we’ve been to but haven’t yet added to the website. On top of catching up on destinations, we have plenty of wishes on our list to Santa Claus:

  • Continue to explore new destination (we have a list of about 90 places we’d like to go…)
  • Update our website for a better user experience
  • Provide you with more filters to select the one destination you need for your next holiday
  • Review and improve our existing destinations
  • Send you more news and updates via our newsletter
  • Create more travel guides
  • Leverage the tripinasia community to share new destinations
  • Any new idea you would like to propose? Drop us a comment or email!

In a nutshell, continue helping you find your next holiday destination around Singapore. We hope we’ll continue to see you around!

Jacques & Valentine (and the kids)