What happened to your favorite website? What’s this new design? You feel you have not heard from us in a while? Well, here is what we have been busy with for the last few weeks. Discover your brand new tripinasia. Because we are moving up in the online world, we also changed our domain name from .net to .com (yeah). We will redirect the .net to the .com and progressively retire the old good .net  But don’t worry, it’s still us behind the screen.

New search module

You can now pick your destination in seconds thanks to our new dynamic filtering search. Your next weekend in seconds away. Play with the filters to see what destination works for you. It’s dynamic: you don’t need to refresh your page or click search. The list will automatically update based on the options you select.

Right from the home page, on top of the name and the picture, you can also get a short description of the destination by scrolling over the image. Cool, isn’t it?

News and articles

You felt the previous version of tripinasia was very practical with plenty of travel information but a bit dry and cold? In our new version we are introducing news, articles and travel stories to share more tips but also to add a personal touch with some stories. You are not alone anymore! And… if you are nice, you may even see who’s behind the keyboard and the camera from time to time…


destinationOur 30+ destinations have been reviewed and updated. The information is organized in a better way to make it even easier for you. We have gathered all the information under one page so you don’t even have to click more than once to get all the info you need. Check out the tabs under each destination to easily find the info you are looking for. We have more destination in the pipeline, so stay tuned! Like our Facebook page to make sure you don’t miss any update!


See all destinations at a glance on the map. This will also come handy if you need a little help with the geography in this vast and rich region. You really don’t know where to go?  Close your eyes and point your finger randomly on the screen (too bad if you are in the middle of the Indian Ocean…)



Feel free to share feedback and recommendations. There are many ways for you to login to the Disqus comment module at the bottom of each page (Facebook, email, Disqus, no email, you can even stay anonymous if you prefer). We’re looking forward to hearing from you! Don’t be shy. Question, update, feedback, anything especially if it can help other travelers. 

We will follow you everywhere – and you can do the same

If you are reading this from you mobile or tablet, you will notice that the website looks different from the one you see on your computer. That’s because it’s responsive so that you can get all the info you need from anywhere. Easier navigation whatever device you use! Yep, you can now check our destinations from your iPhone on the bus on the way to work.


We’re happy to be back and proud of this new version. We hope you will enjoy it! The transfer to this new version has been a long and tedious journey. But the many hours of work finally pay! Well, technically they don’t so don’t forget to support tripinasia! Share the love (share on Facebook or run naked in Changi airport with a big tripinasia tatoo) and go through our website for your bookings with Agoda or Booking.com so that we get a few dollars in commission to pay the electricity bill and the hosting service! You pay the same price and make us happy! You can also bookmark these links with our affiliate ID http://www.agoda.com/?cid=1607332 and http://www.booking.com/index.html?aid=363206. Copy & paste the link to your favorites. More on this on our support us page.

Welcome back and happy travelling!