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Bad news

We usually try to inspire and motivate you to pick and plan your next trip. But, today, we’ve got bad news. We timed the real door-to-door time to reach 52 destinations around Singapore. And it’s not looking good. Take a deep breath and let’s start with a classic destination. Bali.

Bali is not 2 hours away from Singapore!

Your villa in Sanur is actually 5 hours away from your home or office in Singapore. Going to Lovina, Amed, Ubud? It’s even longer. We know, tough life. 

5 hours? Are you sure? How did you calculate the real travel time?

We followed a “realistically optimistic” approach. Somewhere between the best case scenario and the average travel time.
Nothing too crazy (no private helicopter transfers), however, when possible, we opted for the “fast and furious” option (private car, taxi over bus for instance) when there is a choice. In addition to the travel time we also considered the waiting time (a bus goes on a schedule while a taxi can go as soon as you’re out of the airport).
There is usually more than one way to reach a destination. We show only the fastest here. Once you’ve downloaded the document, click the links to read the details under the “getting there” section.

Here are some key assumptions:

Reach Changi airport in 30 minutes from your home or office. Use a taxi to be at the check-in counter 2 minutes after you alight your cab. Book in advance when it’s a busy and rainy Friday evening.
Be at the airport 45 minutes before your flight. Changi is efficient and you never queue at the immigration or security check. Never check luggage in. Airlines close the check-in 45 minutes before the flight. Some even offer walk-in direct to the gate.
Exit the airport in 30 minutes. It works in most cases. Exceptions would be Bali where 1 to 2 hours is more realistic on a busy Friday night (unless you bribe an officer USD 25 to get through…). Phuket is another place where it’s usually chaos during peak hours. For the other airports, you should be good. No checked-in luggage = no need to wait to collect your bags. Just immigration and custom to clear.

This is how we travel most of the time. If you like to be at the airport 2 hours in advance to get a meal and shop, there is nothing wrong with that, simply adjust the travel time accordingly.

Did your 2 year old son draw the itineraries?

Come on… OK they don’t look super fresh but how wonderful are these little graphs? Showing you step by step the way from your home to your hotel room. You can find them on all our destinations. Yep… someone had a lot of fun building these for you (no, not our 2 year old!)

Singapore to Sanur Bali journey details

Tic Tac

Ok getting there may take some time. One thing is certain. If you don’t pick and plan a trip, you’ll spend your next weekend home! So what are you waiting for? Enter your email to receive your free PDF Travel Clock now. You will also have the option to join our newsletter. If you are too shy, you can always download the infographic directly from here.

PS: To date, we never missed a flight or a boat…