You want to learn more about Singapore urban development but gave up reading Lee Kwan Yiu’s memoirs?  We have a solution for you.

Did you know that Singapore has a concept plan that looks at 50 years from now? Did you know there is an oil and ammunition storage more than 100 meters underground? Do you know how much land has been reclaimed in Singapore?

Head to the Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA) to find the answers to these questions.

There are large wooden plans, interactive movies and games for the casual visitors. Kids and adults will enjoy. There is even a Simcity-like simulation. Let’s see how much you can score. The exhibition is rich in information and a lot of effort has been put into it to make it accessible to the public. A good example of use of big data and data visualization.

If you are a big fan of architecture and Urbanization, don’t worry, you can also find detailed plans and archives. Whether you only want to get the big picture or prefer to dive into the housing or water management you will enjoy your visit.

The exhibition is centered around development and the delicate balance between economic, social and environmental needs in a limited space.

The center is managed by the Urban Redevelopment Authority (the government body in charge of the City planning).

It can also be a good option to take your parents or friends visiting Singapore to give them an idea of where the country comes from and is heading to…

Free admission.

More information on the Singapore city gallery website:

Singapore City Gallery