2015 is coming to an end. We can’t tell where you’ve actually traveled this year but we can tell where you’ve been… on tripinasia. Put on your best evening attire as we get ready to unveil…

Most visited destinations (pages)

Will you guess what is the #1 most visited tripinasia destination (webpage) in 2015?

10: Railay in Krabi: Good choice. One of our personal favorites for a beach getaway.
9. Coron Island (Busuanga): Island hopping paradise. We loved it
8. Sihanoukville: Cambodia’s most popular beach. Cheap and simple
7. Cameron Highlands: a good surprise with nice walks in the tea plantations
6. Kawah Ijen: extra-ordinary. Difficult to reach but truly breathtaking volcano experience
5. Perenthians: a good old beach, snorkeling, diving destination.
4. Batu Batu: a little paradise if you have deep pockets. And god… the food!
3. Pulau Sibu: one of the closest options for beach lovers
2. Pulau Besar: a simpler option if you are looking for something less fancy.

and the winner is…
1. Pulau Rawa: obviously a very  popular option for a (relatively) easy beach getaway. Perfect for people who don’t want to take (or forgot to book) a plane to get to their beach bungalow. Rawa is leading ahead of Besar, Sibu, Batu  Batu all accessible in that category of island that can be reached from Mersing (or Tanjong Leman for Sibu).

However it was not a fair battle. Yes, these islands are great getaway options for short or long weekends from Singapore but something helped them get to the top of the charts… In 2015 many of you took advantage of the tools and resources we’ve shared with you throughout the year to make your travel a bit more convenient..

Travel plans and other resources

5. 2015 Kiasu Travel Plan: our first attempt to make your life really easy with one recommend destination per long weekend. Hard work, great success
4. 2016 Kiasu Travel Plan: remember the red and green plans? Have you booked your tickets? We’ve already booked our trips till May 2016 (no pressure)
3. Map: visualize all destinations on a map. Isn’t that cool to see all destinations and a simple overview?
2. Travel Clock: real door to door travel time: definitely our big piece of work for 2016. 52 destinations door to door travel time calculation.

and the winner is…
1. Best islands in Johor, Malaysia: comparing Pulau Tioman, Pulau Rawa, Batu Batu, Pulau Sibu, Pulau Besar: 5 islands for a beach getaway from Singapore.

The “Best islands in Johor” comparison remains at the top of the charts ahead of the Travel Clock!


2016? The bets are open. What will be the most visited destination in 2016? Will it be one featured on the 2016 Kiasu Travel Plan? A new destination? A destination off the beaten track? A destination a bit further away?
We are building some new resources to help you plan and book better trips in 2016! Stay tune. Follow us on Facebook or subscribe to our newsletter

We wish you a great year 2016 and hope you will enter the new year in a cool destination. We will be kicking it off from the Great Ocean Road in Australia.
Happy travels!