Every now and then the topic is in the news with a very passionate debate about Singapore, its population, its immigration. As in any country, it’s a sensitive topic because it touches values, social model, economics, cultural heritage, international relations, and many more topics. It also has a particular importance given the proportion of foreigners in Singapore and its relatively small size.

We won’t enter this discussion on this website – there are many forums where you can discuss this online-but we wanted to give an idea of the dynamics in the region.

Guess how many immigrants are in Singapore as a percentage of the population! You’ll be surprised (scroll over Singapore on the below map to get the answer)

Look at the net migration rate (people who immigrate minus people who leave the country). In the region, Singapore and Australia are the 2 main countries. Both are attracting many more people than they “export” to other countries. No big surprise as they are probably the 2 countries with the best living conditions and employment prospects -at the moment- in the region but also because they need more people to sustain their growth (Singapore in the building and manufacturing sector, Australia in the mining industry).

Cambodia, Myanmar, Indonesia and the Philippines have negative rates, meaning that more people leave the country than people move in. The trend may reverse as the economy in these countries are booming and citizens may return to seek these opportunities?

And you, where are you from and where are you going?