What’s the deal?

Jetstar just announced a $2017^ 7 Long Weekend Flight Package. This is a pretty cool idea. 7 trips booked in advance to enjoy the 2017 Public Holidays for SGD 2,017 per person. Tickets will be on sale tomorrow on December 6th. We reviewed the offer in details and here are the 3 top reasons why you should buy the offer and the 3 top reasons why we won’t:

Top 3 reasons you should go for it!


One deal for 7 trips is a great idea. We love it. Jetstar provides a great way to make your trips happen. No need to search for destinations, flights, just book & go and have your 7 long weekend plan settled! Get that offer and you save endless hours comparing, searching, checking.


By buying the package, you actually save money! If you were to book the trips independently on Jetstar you would pay

  • an extra SGD 234 (without any check-in luggage)
  • an extra SGD 582 if you buy the check-in 20kg luggage option (included in the offer). That’s almost a 25% discount!!! *

Good mix of destinations

Jetstar offers a good mix of destinations: Hong Kong, Penang, Perth, Bali, Bangkok, Ho Chi Minh City, Taipei. All are family friendly. They may seem a bit too heavy on the urban side. However if you are more of a nature traveler, you can explore the countryside in Penang, Bali, Ho Chi Minh and Perth! Not all destinations are in our top 7 but it is a good selection.

Top 3 reasons we won’t buy it


We hate rain and we ran a little check.

  • 3 trips fall during the dry season (Bali, Taipei, Hong Kong)
  • 2 trips are in between, potentially during the start or end of the rain season (Penang, Perth)
  • 2 trips are during the full monsoon (Bangkok and Ho Chi Minh)

All these destinations are served with frequent flights so why go during the rainy season?


Most flights are at decent timings. However, some are not optimal. 2 examples:

  • Penang: flying back from Penang at 11.50 AM wastes your last day there. Add SGD 30 and you can book a flight at 9.40PM on Jetstar to stay longer.
  • Bali: Flying to Denpasar at 4.55AM? Setting your alarm at 3AM for a long weekend may be a bit tough? For SGD 70 extra you can actually find better Jetstar flights for that destination on these dates.


Of course advance planning comes with a risk. The risk of not being able to take these flights. So before you book your package you need to be confident you will be available to travel on these dates for the 7 weekends. You may be able to modify some dates but not the passengers or destinations. **


Kudos to Jetstar for putting together this offer. We all know what a nightmare it is to optimize long weekends holidays. It’s great to see an airline trying to help! It’s a great start and we hope the offer is successful so that Jetstar (and other airlines?) come up with more like this! Now remember the recipe to the perfect trip includes duration, season, theme, travel time, budget, difficulty. At minimum, this offer is a great wake up call to start planning your 2017 long weekend holidays! You know where to pick and choose on our list of 60 destinations: www.tripinasia.com

So… what do you think? Are you taking the offer tomorrow?

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Disclaimer and sources

*Price includes 7 return Starter Fares inclusive of taxes, fees and Booking and Service fees only. All flights also include 20kg checked baggage allowance. Flights research on Jetstar.com on Friday December 3rd. Prices may vary

** All flights in the Long Weekend Flight Package are non-transferable and non-refundable. Any flight not travelled will be forfeited and no refund will be given. Some changes are permitted, fees and Fare Difference apply. Changes to the destination cannot be made.

*** image source: Jetstar website

jetstar terms and conditions

Jetstar is not associated to this article and did not pay or sponsor this post in any way. The opinion expressed in this post is our own based on our own travel preferences, research and information provided by Jetstar on their website: http://www.jetstar.com/sg/en/2017-long-weekends as of December 3rd 2016.