Friday, 6am. I meet Jethro at the Marina Barrage. As planned, Jethro did not come alone. He brought alone Denzil, his faithful used tyre. Jethro drags this 10 kg tyre around Singapore. Why you might ask? Well because Jethro is training for the Yukon Artic race in February. The Yukon Arctic Ultra is a 485km non-stop race where temperatures can drop below -40. Jethro will have 192 hours to complete the challenge. Yes… I know. Insane.

When you look at the man (or check his blog), you can’t really tell he is that crazy. OK, there are not millions of people at 6am on a Friday at the Marina barrage but the guy seems pretty “normal”. He’s a banker in Singapore and seems to live the same life as many of us. Except he runs (very) fast and trains. A lot. Like really a lot. And, of course, he drags that poor tyre all around Singapore. You may have seem him on East coast or around the Marina. Or maybe online (Straits timesYahoo news).

Jethro and I met about a year ago through common friends in Singapore. We ran together in Angkor for the 32km Angkor Trail. When I say “ran together” I mean we were on the starting lane together. He crossed the finished line 1 hour 20 minutes before me and ranked #2 (I will keep my own ranking private if you don’t mind, hint: I was not on the podium).

Last weekend, he sent me a message. He saw some drone footage on my Facebook page and asked if I could shoot a short video. Perfect occasion to test my new little toy, the DJI Mavic Pro (a little gem if you ask me). It’s difficult to do justice to the man and the machine but it’s a first try. The good news is you can watch it (in HD and with the sound) from the comfort of your couch. Jethro will be on the starting lane  of the Singapore Standard Chartered Marathon on Saturday. He is bringing Denzil around. All the best Jethro! Yukon? Yes You Can.

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Yukon Artic is just another step towards a much more crazy idea this young gentleman has…

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