You’ve arrived in Singapore a few months ago and you wonder how to learn something new or meet Singaporeans for a reasonable budget and a convenient location. The answer is the community center next to your place. There must be one. There is one in every neighborhood.

You can learn Chinese, play badminton or practice Taekwondo. There are many activities to choose from. Prices are very reasonable and they usually provide 10 to 12-week courses. If the activity goes by cycle, you can check online when the next cycle starts and how many seats are available and you can even register online.

The best part is that these activities are great opportunities to meet people from various backgrounds and origins. It’s really a good opportunity to get a closer look at Singapore lifestyle.

So what are you waiting for? Check the website out and book your next class today!

Personally, we’ve tried Taekwondo (don’t try to mess with us, you’ve been warned) and Chinese. Both were good experiences.

Post a comment and tell us what classes you recommend or plan to attend!

Photo credit: People’s association Line Dance enthusiasts.