If you are one of the many commodities traders in Singapore (look at the Singapore company and personal tax schemes and you’ll understand pretty quickly why companies have trading operations based out of Singapore). You are thinking of changing career while using your skills, here is an idea for you. Forget about oil, coal or cotton, and all these boring commodities. Jump into livestock trading. But not any kind of livestock.

If you have been to Tana Toraja (if you have not, here is how to get there next week), you will have noticed the very unique traditions of its people. To make it short, families keep the bodies of the people who passed away with them (for up to 1 year…) so that they can gather enough money to purchase offerings for the burial ceremony. During the funerals, families invited to the funeral would bring pigs and buffaloes to sacrifice and then cook and eat them after the ceremony.

Because this is very important to them (people in Toraja are animist) families would spend a lot of money to buy buffaloes for these ceremonies. Once the person is buried in a funeral home, the buffalo horns are hung in front of the house. The number or horns indicate the social level of that person or family.

Out of all buffaloes, there is one kind that is special. The white (albinos) buffaloes. Their prices can be 5 or 10 times higher than those of regular brown buffaloes. It’s unclear why they are so much more expensive. Their color makes them special. So is their price.

So, if you are looking for new opportunities and are willing to relocate in the beautiful region of Tana Toraja, quit and move there tomorrow.