You created tripinasia

Before we talk about us, let’s talk about you. Yes, you who inspired this website. You, who came to us with questions about places to go to. What to do? When to go? What’s better? Where are the nicest beaches in the region? What volcano would you recommend?
Of course, you are also the one giving us ideas. Telling us where you’ve been and how much you loved or hated it. Tripinasia started with you. And we built it for you.

Friends, relatives or colleagues share and ask for recommendations for trips in the region. Weather, duration, budget, difficulty, things to see and do, the list of questions is quite long…

How it all started

Initially we started to write emails with a few recommendations. First in French, then in English as some people on earth (still) don’t speak Moliere’s language. Soon we realized that this was good but not perfect. How to share pictures? How to make it available to more people? How to share our travel experience in a clear, organized, easy to use way? The idea of tripinasia was born.

The web is full of travel websites, forums, blogs. What’s different?

We are not:

  • A travel agency. We don’t sell or arrange any trip or package but give you all the info you need to arrange yours. Like a (very organized) friend would share their experience.
  • Another personal travel blog to show our friends picture of us on the beach (we already have Facebook for that;). Now this does not mean we don’t like these blogs. We actually enjoy reading these and get inspired for new travel destinations.
  • Another Tripadvisor where millions of people give their opinion and where it’s in the end difficult to know who to trust (and where Disneyland ends up being the #1 activity!)
  • An impossible bucket list that will send you to Nevada, Peru, Antartica and Roma the same week.
  • A Christmas tree website with more ads than content.
  • A forum where people throw vague questions and hope to get a clear answer.
  • Another website to explain to you how to be a digital nomad and earn a living while sipping a pina colada in Vietnam.

At tripinasia we strive to share with you information in a way that will make your planning easy. We are independent. So you don’t need to worry about being pushed to book a specific hotel or go through a specific agency. If we do recommend someone it’s purely based on our experience with that person. We do have affiliate links with some key booking platform (Booking, Agoda) that we use and like to arrange our own trips. The income from these affiliate links help us pay for the hosting, domain name, etc… (and no we do not make millions with it nor could live on that income). Do use these links as they have not impact for you (same price) but really help us.

We try to put ourselves in your shoes but giving you all the info and only the info you need to plan your next getaway. We hope you will enjoy browsing our pages.

All trips shared on this website have been “tested and approved” either bu us directly (for the vast majority) or by friends (Alice, Amandine, Angela, Ann Marie, Elena & Mirco, Nicolas, Romain, Romain, Severine, and Williams) that you can trust. They are real first hand experiences to help you plan and make the most of your weekends and holidays in South East Asia and beyond. No endless listings of trips. No impossible bucket list. tripinasia gives you the best, handpicked trips options in the region.

Welcome to the team

We share our experience but we leave it up to you to make your trip your own experience. You will still need a guidebook to prepare your itinerary into more details, a camera to make your own pictures, but we hope this website will give you a few ideas and help you decide where to go.

We hope you will enjoy your trip as much as we enjoyed ours. Please share your comments and updates so that others can also benefit from your experience. We try our best to keep our information updated but with more than 50 destinations in a region where everything changes very fast, we definitely need your help. So don’t be shy, let us know if you see something has changed.  You can also get in touch with us via our contact page. If you like the website and want to find ways to participate, check our support page. Don’t forget to follow our Facebook page to get all our updates.

But, who are you really?

OK, enough beating around the bush. tripinasia is just us: Valentine & Jacques (& family).

Behind the scene, tripinasia would not have been possible without Florent. He is the secret web developer who built this new version of! Thank you Florent!

Meet Valentine (and a few Burmese kids)


and Jacques (and his bags)


Enjoy your trips!

Jacques & Valentine