If you’ve traveled a bit in the region you may have noticed that 2 people are often on the islands you go to. I cannot count how many times I’ve met these guys in my trips in Asia. They are everywhere. They tend to appear when there is a bar on a beach in a (not so) remote island. Have you met them?

Bob (the guy who shot the Sheriff) and Jack (the guy who likes banana pancakes). What does it tell you when you hear them? Probably that you are not exactly the first settler on the island. It also tells you that cool travelers like you probably had the same idea to come visit this same island.

The first couple or times you are happy to recognize familiar voices. But after a while you wonder: Have I traveled so far to yet hear the same music as everywhere else?

That’s  the time you say: “I swear the next trip I book will not be haunted by Bob and Jack”.

That’s before you go to Bali (North Bali – Lovina or South Bali – Sanur) and hear the gamelan music non stop for 3 days. It will follow you everywhere, even in the airport. You will hear it till your last minutes in Bali. When you board the plane and finally take off you will wish Bob and Jack are waiting for you at the arrival gate.

Oh by the say, send me regards to Bryan when you hear him in the cab that takes you back home.