If, like me, you think it’s unfair that you always get bitten by mosquitoes while your friends can spend a weekend naked in a dirty pond without getting a bitten even once, think twice. It’s all your fault!

  1. It’s in your blood. Always travel with people who are O. They get bitten twice as much as A type blood.
  2. You’re too fat! People who expire more Carbon Dioxide attract mosquitoes more than others.
  3. You sweat and smell (or maybe you’re so hot?)! Mosquitoes are attracted by substances expelled in sweat such as ammoniac, lactic acid, uric acid.
  4. You’re infested with bacteria! And by the way, that’s why our little friends target your ankles and feet.
  5. Stop drinking! A single 12 ounce bottle of beer makes you a better target.
  6. You’re pregnant During pregnancy, women are  1.26 degrees Fahrenheit hotter than others and that may attract mosquitoes.
  7. You dress like shit. Colors that stand out attract mosquitoes. On top of the smell, they also use vision to spot you.
  8. It’s in your genes. 85% of the factors that influence your mosquitoes sex appeal are defined by your genes.

This does not mean there is nothing you can do about it. (and no, we are not suggesting you go on the Tour de France and get blood injections to the extend you change blood type (and win the race)). But physical protection (such as wearing long clothes) can help protect you from the mosquitoes and, more importantly, from the diseases they carry. After all, a bite is not a big deal. Getting dengue or malaria is a different story. Check our “what-to-pack” list for each destination under the “Useful info” tab or visit and bookmark our “what to pack” page to remember what to bring for your next trip.

More information about the worse enemy of any traveler here on the original article on Smithsonianmag

Safe travels