Volcano + travel plan =  ? More great weekends and holidays in Indonesia. Amazing experiences guaranteed!

You’ve already visited all the islands of our tripinasia battle #1: Islands of Johor Bahru in Malaysia (Tioman, Rawa, Sibu, Batu-Batu, Besar) and you are now looking for something different? We have you covered. This time around no beach but a great selection of Indonesian active volcanoes. Yep… Ready to risk your life on the top of a mountain of fire?

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What’s the plan?

We have consolidated the information you need to plan and arrange your trip. Transport, minimum duration, season, all the way to contact details of the drivers, guides and local agencies you can use to arrange all that. Yep… All that. You know us. We would do anything to take you one step closer to your next destination.

What? I cannot find the Krakatau destination on tripinasia!

Although we love volcanoes and will definitely add more to the website, we have not (yet) visited all of them. You can click on the names to get to the relevant page. We miss 2 from the list (Batur & Krakatau). Not to worry, all the information you need is on this page thanks to a few friends who we’ve been partnering with to build this overview. Thank you Émilie, Thib and Romain.

It takes a village

Talking about them, a few months back, I spoke to Thib, Romain and Emilie (more on this French mafia below) about an idea. Arranging an event where the 4 of us would come together with some of the many travel enthusiasts in Singapore and dream, plan, share about travel in the region. Les Soirées Voyageurs de Singapour were born. The first edition was about… Indonesian volcanoes. It happened in November 2014. We will be organizing more in the coming months on different theme so make sure you like the Facebook page if you want to get notified.

A little sample but so many more to explore.

Volcanoes are fascinating. Every volcano we visit makes us want to add more of them to our travel plan. These 7 are just a small sample of the dozens of Indonesian volcanoes. We have tried to mix the levels of difficulty (you can take your kids to some of them) and trip duration so that each of you can find his or her perfect volcano. So what are you waiting for?

Have you met xxx?

OK now that you are ready to go, take a few minutes to discover the great websites of my partners in crime who helped creating this overview: Emilie (Singafrog, Les Petits Globetrotteurs), Thib (Thibinspore) and Romain (Sur Les Routes de l’Asie) on the French Mafia tab of our “Great blogs and websites” page.