We are not sure if this is real… Did you see what happened? The MoM has released the 2015 Public Holidays calendar for Singapore. We called them to check if it was a late April fool but it’s not.

You can download a free version of the full PDF plan – simply scroll down if you can’t wait to get your hands on the Travel Plan –
the plan on top of this page is just an image and does not include the links

2015 is going to be legendary!

Let’s recap to make sure I get this right.

  • 11 public holidays (+1 for SG50 on August 7th in addition to the National Day)
  • 7 long weekends
  • 3 bridge weekends (take 1 day off, get 4 days!)
  • 1 plan perfectly balanced across the full year – there is no month with 2 long weekends and only 2 months with no public holidays (the culprits are March and October)

This is AWESOME! One of the best years! Thank you MoM!*

Sorry Bruno Mars but no, it will NOT rain

We don’t like rain. So we picked destinations that are perfect for each month. If you’ve already spent a weekend under the monsoon you know why we always go where the clouds don’t go. The good news is that since there is a long weekend every month or so, you can travel in all countries! You just need to pick the right destination for the right time. And guess what… we’ve done that for you.

Just can’t get enough?

Imagine that… For these 12 trips, you will only use 3 annual leave days! This means you can use your balance to travel somewhere else or extend your trips to get even cheaper prices and avoid the crowds in the airports or at the border! So even if you have a limited leaves entitlement, you can travel around and discover these amazing places. Now you tell me if 2015 is not going to be legendary!

Roasted chicken rice? No thanks.

We were thinking of sending you to 12 beach destinations but we felt that we owed you (your brain and your skin) something better than that. At the same time, we thought that you may not enjoy visiting temples 12 times in a year. That’s why our evil plan is made of a mix of destinations. Beaches, cities, temples, jungle, even a volcano! It’s all there. This way, you can taste a bit of everything and will enjoy every single trip because it’s unique and different!

I can’t wait, but where do I start?

If, like us, you feel like a kid in a candy store, here is the plan. You don’t think we are going to sit here and let these opportunities pass by, do you? So, just for you, we’ve concocted a secret plan. Here it goes!

Enter your email address to receive your PDF version of our 2015 Official Tripinasia Kiasu Travel Plan. It comes with the links to the destination pages so that you can easily get the details and book. 

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    Does it hurt?

    No, but get ready to spend:

    • 62 hours in a plane (that’s exclusive of any delay because of the smokes of a volcano)
    • 48 hours in a car (that’s exclusive of traffic jam, flat tires or buffaloes crossing the road)
    • 2 hours in a train (well, the network is not so good in Asia but you’ll get to enjoy the fast train in Hong Kong)
    • 1,5 hour in a boat (unless you plan to swim to the Perenthians)
    • 30 hours waiting for something (usually a plane or a stamp on your passport)

    and… approximately SGD 12,795 in transport only for 2 persons. But trust us, it’s definitely worth it!

    Been there, done that?

    If you have already visited some destinations? Not a problem, just swap with another one by filtering our destinations by month on tripinasiaThere are more than 50 destinations available. If you’ve visited all of them, send us an email, we need to talk!

    Tic Tac

    Remember, although there are only 4 or 5 millions of us in Singapore, not all can fit in an airplane to enjoy these long weekends. And even if only a portion of us travel, early birds always get the best deals… So, what are you waiting for? 2014 is so… 2014. Book for 2015! You know where to go to get the best deals (and make us rich) Agoda or Booking

    Already looking at the long weekends in 2016? Get the 2016 Kiasu Travel Plan

    Happy travels
    Jacques & Valentine

    *I love you Mum, but I’m here referring to the Ministry of Manpower of Singapore. They issued the 2015 Public Holidays

    PS: Have you booked your tickets & hotels yet? Hurry up! Here are the links to Agoda and Booking