Following the publication of our 2015 Official tripinasia Kiasu Travel Plan, we received many requests to publish a similar plan for 2014. After all, 2015 is still 8 months away.

First we thought, what’s the point? anyone can build his or her own plan in 3 clicks (1 for the month, 1 for the duration, 1 for the theme) from our homepage. It gives you a great overview of all the destinations matching these criteria. Give it a try!

But… given the success encountered by the 2015 edition (have you downloaded your PDF?), we’ve put together this 2014 Official Tripinasia Kiasu Travel Plan.

 Can’t wait to get your hands on the Travel Plan?  Simply scroll down to download your free copy of the full 2014 PDF plan –
The Plan you see at the top of this page is just an image and does not contain links.

Now, a few things to keep in mind so that we set the expectations right.

  • 2014 vs 2015-  2014 is not as good as 2015 when it comes to public holidays.
  • Too late? – 3 months (or more) have already passed since the beginning of the year, and together with them, some nice opportunities to travel. We hope you made the most of it. If not, you will remember to book early next time! (meaning now!).
  • Last minute –  There is little chance (actually there is NO WAY!) that you will get good deals for April and May. So if you want to travel for Easter (18th April, 1st of May (Labor Day) and 13th of May (Vesak) and have not yet booked your tickets, prepare to pay the price (or stay home and book your next trip!)

2014 is so so in terms of public holidays!

Let’s recap the situation for take (bear with us, it’s not that simple)

  • 11 public holidays (who said the French never work?)
  • 5 long weekends 
  • bridge weekends (take 1 day off, get 4 days!)
  • 2 Wednesdays Public holidays (harder to use as you need to take 2 days off on Monday Tuesday or Thursday Friday)
  • 2 Saturdays (that will be credited to your leaves account if you are nice to your HR). Here is your flexibility!
  • 4 months with NO public holidays at all (June, August, September and November)

So… 2014 is a bit of a challenge!

What’s the plan?

To design this 2014 edition, we followed the same principles as for the 2015 Plan:

  • No rain – we will not send you to a destination under the rain season (although that’s tempting so that we can have the beach to ourselves)
  • Just enough time – Kiasu – use the minimum number of leaves to that you save all of them to do one or two great long trips or go back home if you have family abroad. Of course, if you can, it’s not a bad idea to add one or 2 days before or after a long weekend.
  • Mix a little bit of everything (Mambo number 5…). Culture, Nature, City, Beach, Sex, Rock n Roll, Orang Utans, Spring rolls (to name just a few).

Same same but different! 

Destinations selected for 2014 are all different from the ones included in the 2015 Plan. So you can use both plans and still discover new places (and even if you visit all 23 you will have only covered half of the 40+ (and counting) destinations available so don’t worry (yet) about 2016!

Enough! Just give me the damned plan! 

I know the suspense is killing you… So here it goes! Enter your email address to receive your PDF version of our 2014 Official Tripinasia Kiasu Travel Plan. It comes with the links to the destination pages so that you can easily get the details and book. 

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    Got excited?

    If you already have your credit card in hand, just remember that adventure is almost at your doorstep… and be ready to spend:

    • 48 hours in a plane (and as many opportunities to enjoy a delicious cup of instant noodles for a couple of dollars)
    • 42 hours in a car (that’s exclusive of demonstration in Phnom Penh or Orang Utang attack around Kuching)
    • 4 hours in a boat (unless you plan to swim to Pulau Rawa or Bunaken)
    • 26 hours waiting for something (usually a plane or a stamp on your passport or maybe love in front of the Taj Mahal)

    and… approximately SGD 8074 in transport only for 2 persons. But trust us, it’s definitely worth it!

    You are allergic to sand?

    If you prefer to focus on a specific theme, say culture for instance, not a problem, just swap a destination with another one by filtering our destinations by theme and by month on our homapageThere are more than 40 destinations available. If you’ve visited all of them, send us an email, we need to talk!

    Tic Tac

    Remember, although there are only 4 or 5 millions of us in Singapore, not all can fit in an airplane to enjoy these long weekends. And even if only a portion of us travel, early birds always get the best deals… So, what are you waiting for? Book ! You know where to go to get the best deals (and make us immensly rich) Agoda or Booking

    Enjoy and Happy rest of 2014. See you in Singapore or somewhere in a night market in Taipei.

    Jacques & Valentine

    PS: Have you booked your tickets & hotels yet? Hurry up! Here are the links to Agoda and Booking